LWS / SDO Workshop

"The Many Spectra of Solar Activity"

The First LWS/SDO Workshop:

"The Many Spectra of Solar Activity"


- The final meeting program and abstract book are now available.

- The ski slopes will be open during the workshop! Check out the Squaw Valley Web Cam, and take advantage of special discounts on lift tickets and equipment rental.

Living With a Star's Solar Dynamics Observatory invites you to its first science workshop to be held May 1-5, 2011 at the Resort at Squaw Creek in Squaw Valley, CA (http://www.squawcreek.com/). The theme will address science questions that are fundamental to SDO's science investigations, Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA), EUV Variability Experiment (EVE), and Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI).

All members of the scientific community are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Description of Meeting Theme:

Solar magnetism forces us to view the Sun's interior, its atmosphere, and even the inner heliosphere as a single coupled system from the deep dynamo to the solar wind. The high resolution and global view of the Solar Dynamics Observatory, in conjunction with other ground- and space- based instruments and supported by advanced data-assimilation and modeling techniques, provides a new opportunity to study solar phenomena from near the resolution limit to the global scale, and how these are connected among themselves.

Within the broader context of the wide-ranging advances being made in solar and inner-heliospheric physics, this meeting aims to emphasize some long-standing problems to which SDO can uniquely contribute with its observational improvements in the many spectra of space, time, and wavelength.

Meeting format

The meeting will have plenary sessions that focus on science topics that span the science goals of all three SDO instruments, followed by smaller working group/discussion breakout sessions. As SDO is new and the potential of this data set is just emerging, many of the plenary session themes will wait to be defined until interest is gauged by abstracts that are submitted, allowing more flexibility to address goals that are of interest to SDO and the larger community.

The formal LWS/SDO-1 meeting ends Thursday at noon, and Thursday afternoon's schedule consists of mini-workshops, follow-on meetings, and supplementary science and technical sessions. There is some space available on Sunday afternoon as well. Please contact Phillip Chamberlin or Barbara Thompson (contact us link on the left) if you are interested in holding a mini-workshop or supplemental session.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Squaw Valley!



The LWS/SDO-1 Scientific Organizing Committee:
Phillip Chamberlin (Chair), Jesper Schou (Co-Chair), Aaron Birch, Frank Eparvier, Sarah Gibson, Lika Guhathakurta, Jim Klimchuk, K. D. Leka, Dana Longcope, Dean Pesnell, Karel Schrijver, Barbara Thompson, Harry Warren